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Red Fin Waspfish

Paracentropogon rubripinnis

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Scientific Name: Paracentropogon rubripinnis
Common Names: Red Fin Waspfish, Wispy Waspfish
Maximum Length: 4″
Minimum Aquarium Size: 30 gallons
Aquarium Suitability: Durable & Hardy
Foods & Feeding: Omnivore – Ambush Preditor (Eating Frozen Food)
Reef Compatibility: Yes – Small shrimp and fish will be on the menu
Captive Care:  The Red Rooster Pygmy Waspfish is a mesmerizing addition to any aquarium setting. With its vibrant red coloration, peaceful temperament, and compatibility with almost every fish larger than itself, this tiny wonder brings a touch of fascination to your underwater world.

Feeding the Red Rooster Pygmy Waspfish is a breeze, as it readily consumes small live or frozen meaty foods, such as brine shrimp, small crustaceans, and other similar fare. Its predatory nature ensures that it will actively search for food, creating an engaging spectacle for both you and your aquarium inhabitants.

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