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Frequent Asked Questions

How do you quarantine Your fish?


Once we receive the fish from the Wholesaler we give them a look over to make sure there aren’t any fish that need immediate attention. We then float the bags to match the temperature and double-check that the salinity of the tanks matches.

Into Medication

Fish that look healthy and ready to be treated go into a 14 day Copper Power or Chloroquine treatment. These levels stay at 2.35-2.50 and 60 mg/gal respectively. We also treat all fish in Copper Power with 10 Days of formalin treatments along with 2 Praziquantel and/or Fenbendazole treatments 6 days apart.

Moving Day

Once completed with the 14-day treatment all fish get transferred into clean observation tanks. We have made these tanks with the thought of getting them back into their normal environment so they can relax. We include Rocks and Sand in every tank. We also feed well so they can gain some weight at this stage.

Medicated Food

Being back in a fresh clean tank we start to feed all fish Medicated food laced with Metronidazole and Fenbendazole to address any internal parasites and/or worms. They will continue this diet once a day for 10 Days. During this time we watch to make sure everything is looking good to go.

Ready To Go

After the 4 weeks of treatment in the spa, we are ready to let the fish go to their forever tanks. As much as we will miss these little guys we know we can’t keep them all. Of course, that is where you come in, adopting these guys to live a long healthy life in your small slice of the ocean.

How Much is Shipping?


Product Shipping

Ground shipping Starts at $2.99. RECEIVE free shipping on orders over $79.99


Livestock Shipping

overnight shipping is $44.99. RECEIVE $9 shipping on ORDERS more than $399.99


Can I Pick my Shipment Date?

Of course you can!

We ship all critters every Tuesday & Wednesdays. At checkout simply select the date that you would like your fish to be delivered. We expect you to be home to collect the delivery, but if you are unable to please make sure you get the fish dropped at the nearest UPS location to your home.

DOA Policy

At the FisHotel we take great pride in the health of our live animals. We believe in giving people the healthiest animals to ensure a positive experience in the aquarium hobby. For that reason, we fully guarantee that the animals we ship will arrive healthy and alive. In the unfortunate event that you have a D.O.A claim, please see below:

  • Take a picture of your un-opened bag of livestock
  • Once opened, please remove the them and take a photo of the deceased livestock on a white background next to our packing slip
  • Do NOT dispose of deceased livestock until you get the approval from FisHotel (In case we need more photos or information, we suggest freezing the animal in a Ziploc bag)
  • Send an email with pictures to
  • D.O.A. claims must be sent within 24 hours of receiving the package
  • We do not issue credit for shipping costs
  • Any claims due to packages being left outside for extended periods of time in extreme weather are void, although we know mistakes do happen. For this reason, we reserve the right to handle this on a case to case basis. 
  • Any D.O.A less than $15 in value will be shipped with a future orders

We also guarantee the health of our animals for 14 days from the day they are received. If you have any issues with sick livestock, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. Please allow one to two business days for a FisHotel to review your claim and notify you of approval or denial. Livestock credit is valid for one year from the date it is issued. (To use your credit, enter the credit code in the Coupons field on the checkout page. The dollar amount will be deducted from your livestock purchase total.)