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Well, well…

I guess things have changed a bit since we used to do almost exclusively Custom Orders. We wanted to open up our services to more people and make our process better for everyone involved. We loved working with everyone at a personal level so we will miss that very much, yet being able to remove that we are now able to focus back on the fish. After all, that is the point of all of this! Getting you all happy, healthy fish! No more just buying and hoping nothing enters the tank, but instead a better way to buy fish once and reduce the risk down to almost none. So we will keep our newsletter around, but we will now turn this mainly into a celebration and a thank you by providing more of just the fun stuff.

Things like…  Folks that sign up get 24 hours (or more) heads up that fish are about to go on the website along with sending out exclusive Deals and Drawings! Also, any other fun things that come about will be sent out in the newsletter!

So, if you want to be notified when there are new fish, great deals, or fun drawings this is also the place to get it. No, we certainly will NOT sell any data, that is insane. Also, we will not bug you will a bunch of nonsense as we have lots of other things to do as well! 

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