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Quarantine Help

Copper Power Calculator

We are proud to add our Copper Power Calculator for anyone that is looking to Quarantine their own fish. We applaud you!!

Couple Notes; Make sure to place the amount of water you will be treated to get the most accurate results. Next, add your current Copper PPM that the tank currently has been tested at. Lastly, tell our calculator what Copper PPM you would like to reach.

As you Can see, the results will show you how much Copper Power needs to be added to reach your desired Copper Levels. Easy as that!!

Make sure to raise your Copper levels nice and slow if you are able. We recommend raising the copper levels in .25 to .33 PPM increments over several days.

Quarantine Schedule Maker

We are very proud to add our Quarantine Schedule Maker to our website. This tool will be helpful for anyone that is looking to Quarantine their fish the same way we do here in the Spa!!

Here are just a couple of notes to help you understand our schedule. Simply placing the day that you will be starting will break down the entire process. The FisHotel Spa uses this same schedule and drugs to quarantining our fish with Copper Power, Metronidazole & Praziquantel. The Scheduler will give you all your important dates, All you have to do is set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar of what day you started and we will break down the rest! We will provide you with all that needs to be done each of the 16 days that it takes to get through the entire process. At the end of Quarantine, we always suggest that you do a 14-21 day observation to verify that nothing was able to get through your Quarantine process.

Of course, you will want to watch your fish, if they are having any adverse reactions we suggest that you post at Humble.Fish for help! Many knowledgeable people are on the forum, and in most cases will help with any questions you may have!

Medication Dosing Calculator

We are proud to add our Medication Dosing Calculator for anyone that is looking to Medicate your fish. We applaud you for your efforts trying to save them!!

We are here to guide you through how much medication you will need to dose if you choose to either do medication in your Quarantine Tank or if you rather do a Bath. We almost always recommend the Bath.

Once you plug in the amount of water you will be using we will provide you with how much medication is needed. Easy as that!!

Make sure to watch your fish very carefully while they are in medication. If you see them having any issues pull your fish and reintroduce them to the Quarantine Tank for further observation. 

For Baths we recommend that you do them for 7 or more days. Continue to do the baths until the problem has been resolved. For medication direct in the Quarantine Tank we recommend that you keep the medication in the tank for 7-14 days.