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Powder Brown Tang

Powder Brown Tang

Acanthurus Japonicus

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Scientific Name: Acanthurus Japonicus
Common Names: Powder Brown Surgeonfish, Japan Surgeonfish, White-faced Surgeonfish
Maximum Length: 8.3 in (21 cm)
Range: Western Pacific
Minimum Aquarium Size: 90 gal (340 L)
Aquarium Suitability: Moderately Hardy
Foods & Feeding: Herbivore: Varied diet, mostly vegetable matter. Feed 3 times daily.
Reef Compatibility: Generally safe. Browses on filamentous microalgae and small fleshy macroalgae.
Captive Care: These stunning fish have a brown body with white markings on each cheek along with its beautiful orange stripe along the dorsal fin. Powder Brown Tangs are a great fish, they tend to be a relatively quiet and shy fish when first acclimated to a new tank. They will appreciate hiding places to refuge in if threatened by tank mates in the beginning. Once comfortable these great fish will love lots of swimming space and will be out and active. Even though Powder Brown Tangs can be finicky eaters a tank with flourishing algae or plenty of Nori feedings will ensure they get enough to eat. Keep only one per tank, and do not mix with more aggressive acanthurids.