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Hippo Tang

Paracanthurus Hepatus

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Scientific Name: Paracanthurus Hepatus
Common Names: Blue Tang, Hippo Tang, Palette Surgeonfish, Regal Tang
Maximum Length: 12.2″
Range: Indo-Pacific
Minimum Aquarium Size: 100 gallons
Aquarium Suitability: Moderately Hardy
Foods & Feeding: Omnivore: Varied Diet, Plenty of Herbivore diet with a mixture of some meaty foods.
Reef Compatibility: Excellent
Captive Care: One of the most Iconic fish in our Hobby this tang has a fantastic Blue coloration with distinct black markings. This beloved fish can be a challenge to keep, so this fish is highly recommended for experienced fish keepers. It is prone to skin parasites and is very susceptible to HLLE and fin erosion. So, if you are going to keep these fish using a grounding probe and high-quality Carbon will go a long way. The fun fish will be shy at first but makes a great tank mate once comfortable in its new tank. Not an overly aggressive tang, the exception being close relatives and other Blue Tangs. If you have the space for a Blue Tang, they are simply amazing fish to keep!