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Yellowtail Blue Damsel

Yellowtail Blue Damsel

Chrysiptera parasema

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Scientific Name: Chrysiptera parasema
Common Names: Yellowtail Damselfish, Yellowtail Blue Damsel, Goldtail Demoiselle
Maximum Length: 3 in (7.6 cm)
Range: Western Pacific
Minimum Aquarium Size: 20 gal (76 L)
Aquarium Suitability: Very Hardy
Foods & Feeding: Ominvores: Varied Diet including Meaty foods such as frozen mysis shrimp, Brine Shrimp & finely chopped frozen seafood. They will enjoy herbivore flakes and and fish food as well. Feed 3 times a day.
Reef Compatibility: Excellent
Captive Care: This little but beautiful fish is one of the less aggressive members of the Damselfish family. They can be kept in small groups in a medium-sized tank as long as there are hiding places or in a pair in a smaller fish tank. This fish is a fantastic choice for both beginner and experienced fish keepers alike. This stunning fish will eat zooplankton and algae, yet will ignore invertebrates, so it’s a great addition to almost all reef tanks. Do not keep these fish with highly aggressive tankmates or other aggressive Damselfish.