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Lyretail Anthias

Pseudanthias squamipinnis

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Scientific Name: Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Common Names: Sea Goldie, Lyretail Coralfish, Lyretail Anthias, Scalefin Anthias
Maximum Length: 5″
Minimum Aquarium Size: 55 gallons
Aquarium Suitability: Generally Durable and Hardy – Uronema Prone
Foods & Feeding: Carnivore: Meaty foods for Zooplankton feeders. Feed 3 to 4 Times a Day
Reef Compatibility: Excellent
Captive Care: This common, hardy anthias has incredible color as these fish are hard to mistake for anything else in the tank. A stunning orange for the females or the beautiful purple/red of the males will give your tank a burst of color. These extremely active fish also provide a bunch of movement as they always seem to be swimming! Note that depending on the region they come from colors will vary!

Even though the Lyretail Anthias can be found in large groups in the wild, they do best as individuals in our tanks. To keep a group, choose one male and five or more females to house in a 180-gallon tank or larger. Be careful when housing this fish with its own genus or with peaceful zooplankton feeders. A varied diet is important to these active swimmers to get the best colors possible.

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