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Blue Spotted Puffer

Canthigaster solandri

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Scientific Name: Canthigaster solandri
Common Names: Spotted Sharpnose, Blue Spotted Puffer, Ocellated Toby
Maximum Length: 5″
Minimum Aquarium Size: 40 gallon
Aquarium Suitability: Moderately Hardy
Foods & Feeding: Omnivore – Feeding foods to file their beak is very important
Reef Compatibility: Not Recommended
Captive Care: These hardy Pufferfish are a lot of fun to own if you have a FOWLR tank or a reef with no shrimps. They do eat invertebrates found all along the reef and may even nip at corals but I haven’t seen this myself. Their beak-like teeth are used for crushing and must be used or they will be overgrown. You should feed frozen Seafood with hard shells to help achieve this.

These puffers are fun to watch swim as they use their pectoral fins to cruise the tank ever so slowly. Great fish with great personalities!