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Aiptasia Eating Filefish

Acreichthys tomentosus

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Scientific Name: Acreichthys tomentosus
Common Names: Aiptasia Eating Filefish, Matted Filefish,
Maximum Length: 4″
Minimum Aquarium Size: 30 Gallon
Aquarium Suitability:  Generally Durable and Hardy
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: With Caution
Temperament: Peaceful
Captive Care: Aiptasia Eating Filefish are some of the top utilized fish in the hobby. As the name suggests this filefish will snack on Aiptasia. These peaceful, slow-moving fish will hang out on the reef. They will eat small inverts like all filefish so make sure you don’t have any high-end shrimp. They will sometimes pick at corals as well, but that is really going to depend on the fish itself.