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White Worm Culture


White Worm Culture

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A white worm is an incredible source of great food for all those picky eaters. All Carnivorous fish I have offered these worms to eat them up with eagerness. They will survive in the water for a long while, wiggle and squirm until the fish see them and eat them up! As a bonus, these worms don’t burrow into the substrate once in the aquarium, so they are the perfect feeder for the finicky eaters.

If you feed the culture often you will find they multiply readily, so you should be able to feed out of your starter culture in roughly a month. So, make sure you prepare a little ahead of time for when you want to feed these worms. You will receive roughly 50 worms in each culture.

Here is a great Write-up on these worms that found that Trout Feed (we use Dog/Cat Food) is the best thing to feed your cultures. It shows that feeding once a week 10 worms can turn into 350 in 3 months.

White worms profile:

75.9% protein
15% lipid
2.89% fiber
6.12% ash


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