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Copper Power

Copper Power Marine

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COPPER POWER is a strongly coordinated copper medication. It is extremely stable in
saltwater, with a very low rate of precipitation – 0.01mg/1/24 hr. This compared favorably to
citrated, EDTA chelated, or unchelated copper medications previously available.
Because COPPER POWER precipitates at such a low rate, a copper precipitate mucus does not
form to clog the gill filaments of marine animals. For this reason, COPPER POWER is
approximately 60 times less toxic to marine fish than other currently available copper
It is theorized that the mechanism by which COPPER POWER kills disease organisms is due to
the destruction of the disulfide protein bonds. Although the copper in COPPER POWER is
highly chemically bonded, the disulfide bonds of the proteins of many disease organisms have
greater affinity. Thus, the copper of COPPER POWER is released and is subsequently attracted
to the disulfide bonds of the disease. Hence, the metabolism of the parasitic organism is
disrupted and it dies.

Copper Power Marine is a Safe and Effective Copper Treatment for Marine fish. Used at 1.75 to 2.5 PPM Copper – up to 5-Times the normal toxic level of copper in salt water.

  • Safest copper treatment available
  • Less toxic to fish than other medications
  • Eliminate external parasites such as Ich & Velvet
  • One fluid ounce treats 20 gallons of water
  • Toxic to snails and invertebrates

Chemical and Physical Characteristics
Odor: Faint
Specific Gravity @ 20 C: 1.12
Color: Clear Blue
Copper (II) Content: 0.5%
pH: 6.2-7.1

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