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Raffle – 10-20-20

Enter the Raffle Below

For a $25 Gift Card

To enter our Newsletter contest it’s simple, Simply leave your Name Below (Must match your name that you signed up with the newsletter) in the comments Section. 

We will pick the winner of the Raffle on Friday the 23rd and post the video of the Selection.

The Deadline to enter is Friday at 4 CST

Hello all,

I was able to do the raffle and I hope you all liked the way I did it. We will do a different marble race track every time we do this. I figured this way it makes it a bit more fun!! I could have done it the boring way of just simply putting everyone’s name on a website and let it select random but what is the fun in that!

I am always open for feedback so if you dont like the way I did this, simply let me know and maybe we can find a different fun way of doing it but I think this is a great starting point!

Thank all of you for signing up for the newsletter and I am thankful for each an every single person that reaches out to me looking for fish. We do everything we can to help this hobby grow and we are very thankful that @Humblefish lets us be one of the few Vendors on here that provides healthy fish!

To the winner — Congrats!! Simply reach out to me and I will provide you your coupon Code for your next purchase!

Race Results:


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