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One Spot Foxface

Siganus unimaculatus

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Scientific Name: Siganus unimaculatus
Common Names: Blotched Foxface, One Spot Foxface
Maximum Length: 7.9 in (20 cm)
Range: Indo-Pacific
Minimum Aquarium Size: 60 gal ( 227 L)
Aquarium Suitability: Generally durable & hardy
Foods & Feeding: Herbivore: Mostly vegetable Matter. Dried & frozen herbivore foods. Can also supplement with Nori, zucchini or broccoli. Feed 2-3 Times a day.
Reef Compatibility: Will browse on desirable and undesirable algae. If fed well, will typically ignore corals.
Captive Care: These hardy and peaceful fish are a great addition to just about any tank. They can be houses with just about all fish types, but only keep one rabbitfish per tank. They can go in either aggressive tanks or peaceful ones as most fish will leave rabbitfish alone as they have venomous dorsal fins. This beautiful fish is fun to watch as they cruise the tank picking away at algae. The One Spot Foxface is a wonderful Yellow color with a distinct black spot near the base of their tail.